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"This last April and May I unfortunately had a severe case of covid with pneumonia.  I managed to stay home out of hospital but it was a very severe ordeal. I had long haulers from the covid which is memory loss and severe fatigue. As soon as it was safe to do so Helena started seeing me and doing Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. I couldn’t believe the relief I found through that. My memory was so bad and within 6 weeks she had me almost back to normal. I highly recommend that if you have any memory or brain fog issues or sinus issues you see Helena and get the relief only she can give. She can relief your sinus issues almost immediately. So knowledgeable, professional, reasonably priced and terrific is how I describe Helena’s treatments.”
December 2021, Sedona AZ    

"Helena is fantastic. I have been going to her for Myofascial Release treatments for the last six years. She is very personable as well as very professional. I have spinal stenosis in lower back and neck and she has always been able to give relief. It is so relaxing and I can't begin to tell you how terrific she is with her hands and knowledge. She is quite well studied in her profession and is always updating her classes and skills. She is outstanding in her medical field."


October 2021, Sedona AZ

"Helena is a gifted therapist with great heart and knowing touch. Search across the United States and you won’t find another with her gifts of healing and refined touch that inspire health. She is an extraordinary therapist and caring listener, with well trained touch skilled at promoting health and intuitive awareness. She seems to know exactly what her clients need in each session. Helena meets her clients where they are in every moment."
May 2020, Arlington VA

"I have been the blessed recipient of Helena’s work for years. I leave her sessions with an increased clarity of mind and body, refreshed and nourished. The space she holds is sacred and powerful. I recently had a remote session with Helena and am happy to share that the experience was just as helpful!"
April 2020, Flagstaff AZ

"Helena recently provided a Remote Healing session for me. Having had in-person healing sessions with Helena, I was very much looking forward to the remote session. At the time, I was not experiencing any physical ailments, just struggling with taking care of myself. During the session, Helena would let me know where she sitting in relation to my body and where she was placing her hands. Helena shared what she was feeling and asked me what I was experiencing. At one point, I felt a deep sense of wanting to care for myself as a healthy, loving mother would do for her child. As I connected with something profoundly healing, I began sobbing and releasing long-held beliefs of unworthiness. The session as a whole was just as wonderful as if Helena and I were in person. I highly recommend Helena for her knowledge and quality of work, her loving and supportive demeanor and amazing hands that somehow touched me over the miles."
April 2020, Sedona AZ

"Helena Bacellar is a powerful healer.  After a mountain bike accident in September,  I worked with a physical therapist for six sessions and just got worse.  I then saw a Chiropractor who reset my dislocated shoulder. I then followed up with Helena; after three sessions with her I am free of pain and my mobility is back to normal.  Helena’s CranioSacral work is gentle and non-invasive, yet produces astounding success in healing."
March 2020, Sedona, AZ

"Helena Bacellar has been my cranial sacral therapist for almost 2 years now. She is much more than a cranial sacral therapist too. She has helped me in many ways. I highly recommend her. She is the real deal, she is spiritual, she is patient and kind. She is a healer and more. "
March 2019, Sedona, AZ

"I began seeing Helena in 2013 when I was experiencing some pain in my knee.  Several friends suggested I see a surgeon but I was wise enough to listen to my chiropractor who suggested that I see Helena.   Expertly using myofascial release techniques, Helena relieved me of all pain.  Similarly, she has saved me from having surgery on my wrist.
By 2014, I realized that I had a lot of old mental & physical "stuff" imbedded in my system that was affecting me on many levels in my life. It was time for me to embark on my mind-body-spirit healing journey and Helena was the perfect facilitator for me.
Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy has been a huge part of my healing process.  It is a quiet, non-invasive way to allow the body to heal itself from deeply within. The stillness I experience is truly amazing, and that stillness stays with me long after the session has ended.
I have complete trust in Helena and her intuitive sense.  She listens carefully to me and then tunes into my body's energy.  Whether she is doing myofascial release or craniosacral work, Helena's healing hands seem to be guided to do whatever is necessary for the moment.  We always discuss what each of us experiences during our sessions and it is always interesting and helpful.
I highly recommend Helena to anyone looking for a therapist who is skilled, intuitive, pleasant to be around and works with great integrity."
June 2018, Sedona, AZ

"Helena is an amazing healer. Her intuition and healing hands create a wonderful session of release and relaxation. Before the session, Helena looked at my body from the front, back and sides to determine where to focus. During the session I felt like a warm piece of bread dough lovingly being kneaded and shaped. I experienced a sincere intention on Helena's part to help my body return to balance. After the session, I didn't want to get up off the table. We talked afterwards about both of our experiences and it was very helpful to process. Thank you Helena! You know I'll continue to refer people to you."
February 2018, Sedona, AZ

"I saw Helena today for the first time, suffering from a sore low back, general exhaustion after a big move, and aggravating a hip that needs replacing. She was so tender, intuitive, and loving! I left feeling cared for and so much better in body and mind. Thank you, Helena! Highly recommended."
Sedona, AZ

"Thank you for always taking the time to help me work through the pain in my body. Many times, I come with a specific pain complaint and each time you are able to help me with pain reduction and restoring more normal life function. You always go above and beyond what is anticipated and asked for. Once my session is complete, I notice many other areas of my body feeling relief and my mind is calm. No matter if I am experiencing physical pain or emotional pain your healing hands and attitude help me heal. There are not enough words to express the gratitude and appreciation I feel. Thank you so much for always being there."
Sedona, AZ

"I went to Helena with lower back pain. She was so professional, caring and effective. She released the tightness in my back and I've felt total relief since. I would strongly recommend Helena and I wouldn't hesitate going back in the future."
Sedona, AZ

"For someone with chronic body issues, it is imperative and a great blessing to find a capable and talented healer like Helena. She is sensitive to my problems and helps me reach a higher quality of life. I am lucky to have found her."
Sedona, AZ

"Helena Bacellar is a miracle worker! Her myofascial release sessions have helped me so very much. I always feel like I am standing taller, and sitting more erect, after each session. I am impressed by how intuitively her hands can always find the most stressed points and sore spots in my body. And I've sent many of my friends who have visited me from afar. They have all had positive results, including my former beautician who was having 'frozen shoulder' problems based on her occupation. One session with Helena cleared that right up! Thus, I can highly recommend her work, as it is a real treat to feel this much better after she has worked on you."
Sedona, AZ

"Helena is very intuitive and uses this to help guide her treatment. Very relaxing experience!"
Tucson, AZ

"I have been involved with therapeutic massage for a number of years. However, it was only when I began to work with Helena that I became fully aware of the issues that were affecting me and how I could benefit from energy work. Helena is a gifted practitioner of the healing arts. She understands the relationship between the physical and emotional functioning, intuitively senses where in my body she needs to focus and uses her knowledge and skills in myofascial therapy to help me become aware of where I am storing tension and fear, and how I can release this toxic energy. What is remarkable about Helena is that in addition to being adept at physical intervention, she also brings to her work an excellent understanding of pain and trauma, a strong sense of empathy and compassion, and excellent listening skills. She allows me to move forward at my own pace, nudging me at times, but never forcing me to deal with areas I am not comfortable with. I have found the way in which she combines therapeutic massage with listening and reflection to be very helpful. Through my work with Helena, I have learned much about myself and how I handle stress and anxiety. With Helena's assistance, I have been able to confront some difficult and painful past experiences and have begun to move forward in a positive and constructive manner. I have been fortunate to have her guidance and support as I have traveled on my powerful and beneficial journey of personal healing."
Sedona, AZ

"My back and shoulders were very tight with stress and you approached the tightness with effective gentleness. Now, my experience with previous massage therapists was a hard and deep approach so at the end of the session I was in pain and my body was not very happy! When you were complete with my session, I was relaxed, pain free, and my body was quite happy. I was pleased with the number of releases experienced in the session and how you worked with my body and following the releases through completion as I used breathing techniques. It was like you and I were connected in consciousness and you intuitively knew when to go for it. The stress was released and my back felt flexible and fluid once again and that feeling held for weeks after our session. I highly recommend your services and the fact that you are intuitively connected to the client makes you stand out and above other practitioners in my opinion. I feel blessed to have met you and I am delighted that you are my massage therapist, you are superb."
Sedona, AZ

"Never has a massage therapist listened as well as Helena Bacellar. From hearing where you are, she can custom design a program that will benefit you both in the short term and over time. My shoulder was locked from rotator cuff surgery scars and she was able to release them so that I recovered 98% of range of motion. More recently she has worked with several foot issues and greatly improved my mobility. She also has improved my circulatory system which is important for diabetics to maintain overall health. I highly recommend her as a therapist and healer."
Silver Spring, MD

"I look forward to each of my sessions with Helena and am never disappointed. If I have a particular physical problem, Helena's healing hands unfailingly find helpful ways to address it. Her hands are magic on those days when I need to reduce tension and stress - it's always amazing how she finds those special areas that need extra attention. I also love it when Helena applies myofascial techniques on my back - not only is my twisting due to scoliosis considerably reduced, I breathe better! Besides which, she is funny and makes me laugh. What more could you ask for?"
Rockville, MD

"Helena, who has a deep interest in the healing arts, is a warm and professional massage therapist who has a true gift for tuning into her clients' needs. She is extremely knowledgeable and understands how to promote healing within the body. I appreciate that she asks me each time what I need and combines that information with her own expertise and intuition. Each session is different and tuned to my particular needs. I appreciate that I am receiving a personalized session rather than an off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all technique. She is thorough and sensitive, and I feel very nurtured during our sessions. Her own groundedness allows her to provide a relaxing, calm and warm atmosphere. She continues to learn new techniques that make her even more expert in her craft. The bottom line: she's the best. I recommend her without reservation."
Silver Spring, MD


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